Wednesday, July 26, 2017

30 - A Lengthy Treaty

"The chain of events is certainly one of extraordinary interest." [NAVA] 

Nepotism, bullying, carelessness and a locked room mystery — "The Naval Treaty" has it all. A young government employee is given a top secret assignment that keeps him at his desk late at night, but the document he was working on goes missing. And it's up to Sherlock Holmes to find the culprit.

Clocking in at 12,701 words, this story is the longest of the 56 short stories in the Sherlock Holmes canon. But should it really have taken Holmes that long to figure out the mystery? We discuss some of the finer points of the story, including glaring plot point that you may have missed before.

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Performers: Uncredited violinist, US Marine Chamber Orchestra 
Publisher Info.: Washington, DC: United States Marine Band 

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